Pick The Right Water Purifier For Your Home

Pick The Right Water Purifier For Your Home

Pick The Right Water Purifier For Your Home

We have seen so many people saying that they are drinking pure water just because the water looks clean. Honestly, there is no such guarantee, and you shouldn’t believe in this either. No matter how much the water looks clean, but it might not be germ-free. So, you need to inspect this at first.

In general, previously, people used to drink clean water if even they didn’t have a water purifier at their home. Still, nowadays, we are drinking nothing but trash without a water purifier. The growing contaminates being such a threat to us as well as our health condition.

We can develop a lot of dangerous waterborne diseases. So, it has become necessary to choose the best water purifier for a home to stay safe and keep your family member safe.

You won’t believe that across eight major cities in India, waterborne diseases such as jaundice, cholera, and typhoid accounted for 78% of all the diseases in India. According to the research, the TDS level is way above tan the permissible level in many regions, so; you need a fact check!

Some people still think that boiling water before drinking would solve the problem, but honestly, it won’t. Boiling water would only protect against microbial contamination that is generally caused by bacteria or viruses. It will never remove dangerous chemicals such as lead, mud, dust, rust, pesticides, etc.

That is playing a huge role, and people are turning to water purifiers to ensure that the drinking water is safe. Although, the most important thing that you should look into before choosing any brand is the after purchase service. When it comes to after purchase service, nothing can beat RO service for so many reasons.

However, let’s check to put the things that you need to know about various technologies available in the market.

Ultra-Violate (UV)

If you live in any area where the water source is a river or lake, you should go for UV water purifiers. In your area, the TDS level would be more likely below the average, like 500mg. The purifiers that use UV technology, a lamp is used for creating UV rays to which the water is exposed. The UV ray would penetrate the microorganism as well as alter its DNA. Once the whole thing is done, it will be killing the bacteria or any contaminant that might cause infection. This method effectively destroys around 99.9% of all organisms that cause diseases.

You should also know that these purifiers would never change the chemical composition of the water or do anything with the taste. Although it can not be used in areas where you get hard water or the source is different. 

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

If you live in any area where the water is hard, there you should go for RO water purifiers anytime. The TDS level is high in the water, which is why it poses a serious threat to your health. RO purifier will eventually reduce the TDS content in your water, and it should only be used if the level of TDS in water is very high. This procedure works by applying high pressure on the water depending on the level of salt content.

It will allow cross filtration of the water and especially where the contaminants are caught in the membrane. Eventually, the impure water will go one way while the clean water goes another way. So, you can say the cross filtration allows the impure water to sweep away the contaminants to prevent buildup. Mostly RO will remove more than 92% of the TDS and all other impurities present in your water.

Carbon Absorption

When the water passes through the carbon surface, the contaminants are drawn to the surface. The carbon is thoroughly processed to make it extremely porous also, it provides a large surface area for the chemical reaction or absorption. This technology is very effective against getting rid of herbicides, chlorine, radon, pesticides, and other chemicals. The quality of this one can easily be rated by the size of particles that it will be able to remove. So, you might consider this for your home as well.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, you can’t understand which one is the right purifier for your home, and that is why you need to get in touch with RO service so that they can assist you further. They will be able to judge the quality of your water and then accordingly they will suggest you something perfect for you. Not everything can solve your problem, and that is why you need to invest in something very wisely!  

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