recover and change the hotmail password?


I forgot my hotmail password and security question. So what should I do to recover and change the hotmail password?

Hotmail account holders normally forget their login password, urging them to reset a new password rather forgotten ones. However, the recovery of a Hotmail account can be achieved quite effortlessly with the aid of a simple strategy. If you are not well known considering this strategy for Hotmail account recovery, pursue the given steps

Hotmail account recovery with various methods

You need to visit the official Hotmail website and open the “I can’t access my account” link.

On the subsequent page, you need to choose the “I forgot my password” option and then type your email ID.

Then you need to figure out the CAPTCHA code problem by filling the correct code in the blank field.

Then it will led you to the Hotmail recovery page and you will recognize some options.

Now give your registered number first to get the verification code.

Then type the code you received from Microsoft on the return page.

The next password reset page will open to enable you to develop a new password.

In case you give your recovery email to get the code previously.

Then sign into your recovery email first and copy the code that Microsoft has mailed.

Now paste the code into the selected option on the recovery page.

Microsoft will accordingly filter the verification and then the password cut page will open.

Similarly, you can also prefer to answer your security question for assurance.

Next, the Hotmail password reset window will display.

Now formulate a new password for your Hotmail and then regain it.

Therefore, you can conduct the Hotmail account recovery task with this thorough procedure exemplified above. 

For further aid, you can reach a customer service team representative and achieve the desired finding with the support of the online process and the toll-free number anytime you need. 

How will you recover the Hotmail password?

You need to go through these steps cited below:-

First, you need to visit the Hotmail account password reset page.

Then you need to select the option ‘I forgot my password’.

Choose the problem you are encountering while logging in.

Also, when you tap Next, you must enter the email address. 

After that, fill in the captcha and fill in the symbol demonstrated on the screen and tap on Next option.

Besides, you need to choose the account reset option, you can prefer the text or email option.

Give the email address and tap on the Submit Code option.

In this way, you will get the assurance code and give the code and tap on the Next option.

Besides, you must develop a new password for the Hotmail account and when you type again verify the password.

Once you tap on the Next option after verifying the password.

With the completion of the above method, you will be apt to restore your Hotmail account password. 

And if you face any problem with recover hotmail password, you should take assistance from Hotmail customer service.

How will you recover the Hotmail account through the use of email, SMS and security questions? 

First of all, you need to visit the Hotmail password reset page.

There, select ‘I forgot my password’ and hit Next.

Then, you need to type the address of your Hotmail account, fill the captcha that seems on the screen and hit on the Next option.

After that, you will have two possibilities; Text or email to proceed. You must select an option to recover your Hotmail account.

Hotmail account recovery through email

If you select the email alternative to regain your Hotmail account, you will obtain the confirmation code in your Hotmail account when you tap on the Submit Code button.

After that, validate your email account, you will approve a verification code, give that in the submitted file, and tap on Next.

This way, you will receive the password reset alternative on your screen; formulate and verify the password. Also, once the steps are executed, save the alterations.

Hotmail account recovery through phone number.

You will recognize your phone number with missing digits, specify the number and tap the Send code alternative.

Thereafter, you will obtain the verification code on your phone number by SMS

You must give that code in the field procured and tap Next.

Hence, you would receive the password reset options; formulate and verify the password. Also, regain the password change.

Hotmail account recovery through security questions

First, you need to visit the Hotmail account login page and type the appropriate email address and password to use.

If you can’t log in, you can tap on the forgotten password button and type the mobile phone number if you know.

If your number is inaccurate, tap on the security question to enable you access your account immediately.

Answer the security questions and tap on the Submit button, and thus a password link will occur on the next page to type the new password.

How will you change your Hotmail password on your phone?

1. In your net browser, go to the password change option. In the password change address bar, hit ‘Back’. If you are not logged in, you can sign in by typing your address and password. Hit Next.’ You will be raised a question to create a security code. You can do this by hitting on the ‘Send code’ option.

2. Type your prevailing password in the field above the window.

3. Type your new password and confirm it.

4. If you want to obtain instructions to change your password regularly, you can fix the option ‘Make me change my password every 72 days. This alternative makes it manageable for you to secure that your password is always safe.

5. Tap on ‘Next’. Your password will be altered.


You can reach Hotmail if you want support to reset forgot hotmail password. Unfortunately, you cannot speak instantly to an agent as there is no facility of phone support. The best means to discuss with Hotmail is through the help desk. It has many helpful clues, recommendations, and indications.

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