Few rugs are that much engaging that it seems sin to put feet on it. No doubt some artists will declare it the vice someday.  These carpets range from soft silk carpets to thick Persian carpets. They vary in their sizes and shapes. So what to do with these fine and promising beautiful art pieces? Look around your room walls, go outside and see walls of entire home. If you are in office, get up and take an inspection of your employees, catch a glance of walls too. See if there is any wall without any hanging. Other thing you may notice, if the hanging object (if any) is not befitting the interior of your room, home or office.

 Rug cleaning should be done time to time to keep them clean and nice. If all these conditions are  satisfied? Here are some bombastic ideas for you. Use some carpet as a wall decor. Small rugs and carpets are now turning to global wall décor article. Initially only eastern World has that aesthetic tip. If your walls are high and mighty because it may be your living room or office huge building, you can hang a big carpet on it. This swinging giant gives innocent, welcoming and protected look and feeling. Best shape of wall rug or carpet in homes is like circle, stars, triangle or cluster of them and square slice. For office building it may take a lot of consideration because it depends upon nature of your business. In general, four sided right-angled or rectangular carpets suggested being best for office premises. You can make other bold choices according to your occupational environment.

These carpets can be handled easily if the carpet cleaning is done right. You may use your old carpet or rug with slight modification as wall art. Take a carpet, measure the vacant space of wall. Cut the intact piece of carpet or whole section of one complete pattern. Sew its sidings. You may embellish sidings with knitted globules. These small hanging art pieces have benefits like treat to your sight, sound absorbers, temperature absorbents and dust, allergens absorbents. Antique rugs are more in request for this purpose like a fabulous Caucasian Talish and tribal antique rug. They are famous for display of luxury and high aesthetic sense.  Many other Persian and Turkish rugs are high rated in demand.

Out sides, stair case sides, living room walls and hallway walls are best places for these art articles’ hanging. Some companies make customized wall rugs and carpets. They are taking place of wall paintings. They are moving ahead with various ideas; some people use them within frame. Some prefer to hang them loose. Some use nails and wall glues to fix them on wall some go one step ahead and use designed pins and nails to fix them. Some interior decorators are famous for using carpets and rugs as décor objects. They recommend them to each of their clients some among them are Jungalow maven Justina Blakeney and Malcolm Simmons. They not only use them but also give them names as these are like proud paintings of them. 

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