Some of the Examples of Title IX Violation?


Title IX has been one of the most beneficial titles that were formulated in the United States to stop the sexual discrimination of females in their educational and professional careers. Before the title, they were not entitled to choose the subjects of their choice. Females were forced to take up only home science and other humanitarian subjects. However, with title ix in place, they were free to take up science and maths in their educational career. The same was also applied in their professional career. If any female gets pregnant, then she is not any more entertained in the office. A forceful termination was provided to them. The title ix changed the way females were treated in society. In this article, let us get acquainted with a number of cases and instances of the title ix violation in educational and professional systems and how females are being subjected to discrimination, which they are not entitled to face. You can get in touch with a title ix attorney in New Haven to help you out with any law pursuits that arise out of these violations. 

Gender Discrimination

Title IX follows a certain set of gender discrimination guidelines, which are formulated to protect the rights of females based on their gender. Here are some of the things that were violated before the commencement of the title ix:

  • Females were discriminated against and harassed in their education and professional career because of their gender. They were not entitled to do all the things that males were allowed to do. Males were treated as the forward growing society where females were treated in such a way that they are only needed to carry out household chores. However, with the inclusion of the title ix, all these were completely stopped and women were given similar rights as men used to enjoy. 
  • Females were at all times subjected to unfair treatments and bad behavior from all just based on their gender. With title ix, unfair treatment to females just based because of their gender would be considered a criminal offense.
  • Females were exposed to sexism, sexist attitudes, and sex stereotyping. 
  • Females were at times given unproportioned athletic programs in their schools and colleges. They were also not entitled to get a number of scholarships from the government only for being a female while the males used to get several scholarships as well as a role too in the athletic programs being organized in schools. 


  • Females were bullied in the schools and college by males because of their gender.
  • Females were at all times subjected to derogatory remarks by other classmates and colleagues in their professional environment. 
  • They were not allowed to be a part of the athletics program in their schools and colleges. In their professional career, they were not promoted to be in charge of a program and office. They were at all times given posts that don’t hold much of value in the work environment. 

Sexual Harassment

Title IX was also very helpful in those days to eradicate certain sexual harassment that used to take place in the educational institutions as well as corporate offices. Title ix attorney in Connecticut can be approached for any sexual harassment incidents taking place. Here are some sexual harassment evils that used to take place:

  • Females were every so often put in danger to unwanted sexual behavior, advances, or requests for favors. 
  • Unwelcomed verbal, visual, or physical sexual conduct was just a part and parcel of those days. 
  • Offensive, severe, and/or frequent remarks about a person’s sex was made openly and were criticized by all. 
  • Aggravation of a sexual nature which affects with an individual’s right to training and participation in a program or activity


  • Stalking or obscene phone calls, texts, emails, or gestures have just become a peril that women used to go through every single day in their place of work with no privilege to raise their voice for justice. 
  • Sexually suggestive jokes, whistles, catcalls, or innuendos were passed on the females. 
  • The male counterparts in educational institutions and corporate offices started touching inappropriately to females with confidence that they cannot raise their voice in public nor inside the offices.  
  • Females were at all times intimidated because of their sex. And this embarrassment at times instigated them to quit jobs. 

Sex Violence

Title IX talks about the following sexual violence that women were subjected to:

  • Sexual abuse or beating, coercion
  • Unwelcome sexual interaction that halts short of rape or completed rape
  • Use of power or influence of unsolicited sexual activity
  • Physical acts where an individual is unable to giving consent or is in contradiction of a person’s will


  • Sexual assault and coercion
  • Endeavored or completed rape
  • Unsuitable touching
  • Bodily and/or violent sexual advances

There are a number of title ix law firm with qualified title ix defense lawyer who can take up cases related to the violations in title ix at educational institutions and corporate offices. 

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