Startup Marketing: How to Set Your Budget

Startup Marketing

Starting a new company requires a lot of discipline, creativity, and luck as well. Entrepreneurs often face the same hurdle, which is financing, and although access to finance is one of the biggest challenges down the road, it is not the only one.

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When the time comes to set the company’s internal marketing budget, you’ll face this paradox: You have to expand your company to get a lot of money, but you don’t have enough money in the first place.

What are the things you should spend money on? How can you determine an effective marketing budget for marketing? And what can you expect from how many returns from these investments? To facilitate answering these difficult questions, we have prepared a guide and steps that enable you to determine the ideal marketing budget for the project or company.

It’s easy to find a specific starting point if we assume that the best way to determine marketing budget marketing is to calculate a percentage of total expected revenue. It is preferable for companies operating in the market to allocate between one to five years about 12% – 20% of the total expected revenues on marketing, while new and emerging companies should allocate a larger marketing budget for marketing to establish their presence and spread the mark Commercially adequate.

After determining the percentage to be left aside from the marketing budget, you can now divide the marketing budget, as the following should be taken into account: hardware cost, paid advertising, and e-content marketing. These factors are very basic and necessary for new companies that aspire to establish themselves in the market.

And the success of these factors depends well on the marketing budget that you define, so take this advice cautiously.

Note: All prices listed below are in US currency, dollars.


It is the marketing side that determines the image of the company in the market and front of people, and this matter includes everything related to the company, from personal cards to the website designated for it. Do not forget that marketing is the future face of the company as well and therefore this aspect requires a lot of attention and payment to meet the need.

It is worth noting that the starting price of any small design agency for corporate identification and marketing is around $ 4,000 to $ 5,000. Note that there are always alternatives at a lower cost, but this step is essential for the future of the company and therefore should not be lost.


Some people think that creating and designing a website is simple. However, if you want to design the site attractively and attractively for the attention of people, then you may have to seek help from an appropriate party.

Turning to the specialists in these matters, designing a complete website costs about 3,500 to 5,000 dollars. It is also necessary to design the site based on the quality or scope of the company’s work, as well as determine the electronic content accordingly.

Finally, be careful to equip the site to suit smartphones, as the search engines focus today on journalists via smartphones much more than before.

Social Media

You might think that the best way to succeed and win the audience on social media is to use them all from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google Plus, Snapchat, the end of the list, but this option is not the best for startups.

Instead, try to adopt the best social media platforms that suit you most (2 to 3 platforms) that will facilitate the process of communicating with the public. It is best to hand over this task to an e-marketing agency specializing in this matter, which usually costs between 1,000 and 2,500 dollars a month, and in return, your company gets adequate and appropriate support on social media.

Content Marketing

What is the main driver of the Internet and websites? The answer is the content. To be able to enter the competition on the Internet you have to provide on the site high-quality content appropriate to the needs of the market so that visitors become the company’s customers.

Google is known to be content dependent, and with this search engine, your website can achieve the success it needs. Thus it is necessary to devote part of the marketing budget to content development. You may want to rely on a team specialized in “creating content” for one day or a short period, but this matter is preferable to continue for a long time until ensuring the success of the site.

Although content marketing may not cost a lot of money from the company’s marketing budget at first, it is best to plan to allocate a good portion of the marketing budget only to content marketing. By searching for a body specialized in this matter, you will find that the price starts at about $ 2,000 a month to form and work on the content plan.

Announcements and organizing events and events

Traditional advertising methods are very different from e-marketing, but they are still necessary in many sectors and areas. For this traditional type of marketing, whether by advertising in magazines, in various media, or public centers, you must allocate at least $ 3,000 a month from the marketing budget.

It is also necessary for the company’s growth to expand the scope of customers, and this is done by being present in the various events of other companies. But it is also necessary to attend and evaluate events for your company, to expand the company’s knowledge and the scope of customers, and this will also take a good part of the marketing budget. For any small event in size, allocate approximately $ 5,000 of marketing budget and increase that amount as the company’s customer base grows.

The bottom line is to start your marketing budget marketing successfully

The reader should not forget that I am a somewhat perfect guide and it is always expected that there will be changes or differences in the ways of applying these guidelines based on the specific needs of entrepreneurs and the market in which the company operates. For example, and not limited to, it is expected that the e-content marketing base will grow and expand in the coming period, as 55% of companies (both old and new) are planning to increase their budget allocated to e-content marketing in 2020.

How do you deal with the challenge of setting your company’s marketing budget? Share your views in the comments box below, or contact us on social media from Facebook to Twitter and Linkedin.

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