Taking Vitamin Supplements Helps in Hair Growth and Nail Nourishment

Do you ever give a second thought about whether the vitamin supplements that you are consuming help in nourishing your hair and nails? Of course, there is a wide variety of supplements readily available online and in physical stores. But let’s face the fact. The truth is that all vitamin supplements are not suitable for hair and nail growth. In fact, a study has further shown that most dermatologists do not recommend oral vitamin supplements to healthy people.

But it also does not mean that you are squandering your valuable money on buying hair, skin and nail vitamins. There are a few supplements that can prove handy as far as nurturing your hair and nails are concerned. Let’s throw some light on a few important vitamins for that specific purpose.


Have you heard about vitamin H or B7? Well, that’s biotin. One of the most crucial functions of biotin is that it helps in the metabolism of the proteins? This indeed is a necessary step that allows growing healthy hair, skin, and nails. If you have a biotin deficiency, you could fall prey to hair loss, brittle nails, and eczema.

Talking about the right daily dosage, it is about 30 mcg of biotin according to a recent review. In addition, you also need to have a balanced diet that will provide a boost to help the vitamin supplement. The main sources of biotin include Solomon, pork, eggs, sunflower seeds, almonds, potatoes, and several other vegetables.

Prenatal vitamins

Have you ever observed a very interesting point in the case of pregnant women? Their hair is thick, lustrous, and grows awfully faster than normal females. Have you ever over the reason? Well, if you think that it’s because of prenatal vitamins, you are right. But pregnancy hormones also play a vital role in quicker hair growth. 

Bamboo silica

Most dermatologists recommend bamboo silica as one of the best vitamin supplements for hair and nail growth. It is important to note that bamboos are one of the fastest-growing plants and that silica is one of their major components. It is a naturally growing composite chemical.

How does the compound help in hair and nail growth? Bamboo extracts help in taking vital nutrients to the hair surface. It then nourishes and strengthens the hair follicles. You can natural hair-related products along with bamboo to improve your hair’s appearance. Furthermore, it makes you have more manageable hair, which shines brighter and looks stronger and softer. 

Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is basically an antioxidant that helps you from aging and even protects against skin cancer. It boosts the production of collagen and prevents collagen degradation. Besides that, vitamin C also helps to absorb the iron, an essential nutrient required for proper hair growth. Almost all types of citrus fruits such as pears, strawberries, guavas, and others are the major sources of vitamin C.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is one of the main nutrients that promotes cell growth in the body. It also involves hair, which is one of the quickest growing tissues in the body. 

It is important to note that vitamin A produces an oily substance called sebum that helps to moisturize the scalp and nourish the hairs.

If you have a deficiency of vitamin A, you will have to suffer from hair fall including various other problems. But you also need to ensure that you don’t take an overdose of vitamin A, which can also lead to hair loss.

Talking about the main sources, it includes carrots, pumpkin, spinach, sweet potatoes, and many more. In addition, you can also find vitamin A in animal products such as yogurt, eggs, and milk. Vitamin  A supplements can also be purchased online as well. 

Vitamin D

Research has shown that lower levels of vitamin D can lead to alopecia, which is a scientific term for hair fall. One of the major benefits of vitamin D is that it helps to develop new follicles, which are tiny pores where the hair grows. The experts also believe that vitamin D plays an important role in producing new hairs, though there is no conclusive evidence.

The body receives its intake of vitamin D directly from the sunlight. You can also take cod liver oil and fatty fish. 


There are many other vitamin sources that help in hair and nail growth such as vitamins E and B. in addition to biotin, you can also take collagen, saw palmetto, and adaptogens to promote healthy hair, skin, and nails.  

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