The 10 minute guide to Videography

guide to Videography

The passion for Videography is actually a premise of becoming a successful cinematographer or a director. Don’t believe me? Read the article and then you will figure out. 

First comes first for becoming a professional these are the requirements.

  1. CAMERA. Needless to say you will be needing a very good Camera to shoot videos. There are many forms of cameras available nowadays. However, if you are a newbie then going for full-frame digital SLRs is highly recommended. These cameras provide excellent footage quality and are capable of shooting full length movies as well.
  1. Topics. The videos you shoot must have a valid topic. Nowadays a lot of so-called videographers shoot a video without a proper topic. There’s no point of becoming such videographer.
  1. Get Mentored. It’s better to learn the basics and advanced from a professional Videographer. S(he) will also teach you the tricks of capturing a good video. Getting mentored from a proper guide is very important in learning a skill, so choose your mentor wisely.
  1. Internships. Videography courses in colleges are quite expensive, same goes for a private mentor. So, look for internship programs under some renowned videographers. Most of the reputed videographers offer Internship programs by this you can earn while learning.
  1. Tech Savvy. You know how technology is improving each day and for becoming a good videographer, you need to be absolutely updated about technology. 
  1. Be Observant. This is the most skill required to be a brilliant videographer. If you are a good observer half of your job is done. By observing surroundings around you, you can find good topics for your videos.
  1. Make Short Films. Making short films will increase your experience as a Videographer. Also uploading them on social media will boost your popularity. You can also participate in short films festivals and if your films are good enough, you can win a prize.


There are a wide range of career options in videography, some of them are listed below.

  • YOUTUBER. The most common yet effective career you can have is opening a Youtube channel and uploading your videos. If your videos get enough views, you will earn a lot of money. There are so many youtubers who earn pretty well. Don’t forget to share the video links on other Social Medias.
  • Cinematography. The next step of career is becoming a cinematographer but for becoming a cinematographer, you need to work very hard. The best thing is to enroll in a college of film studies and learn cinematography from proper guides.
  • Film Making. Like I said earlier passion of videography ultimately leads in becoming a film maker. So, it’s better to start at an early stage. Like cinematography, film making too requires a lot of technical help, so again it is recommended to get a degree on film making. Watching a lot of films thoroughly also helps. 
  • Editing. You can become a professional video editor too. The most interesting thing of becoming a video editor is that you will be next in line after the movie director and an editor is one of the most important person in moviemaking. So think about it.
  • Colorist. If you are interested in Videography and you have amazing sense of art, then this might be your call. By becoming a colorist you will able to color each and every frame of a video. This profession requires a lot of patience and hard work but the end it pays you very well.

That’s all for today, for further assistance regarding Videography join our community of videography and for other career options you need to hear please comment below.

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