The Advantage of Pilot Academy

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It is no easy feat to become a business airline pilot. Several conditions must be met, licences and certifications must be granted and flying hours must be accumulated in a simulator as well as in actual aircraft. 

Luckily, Alpha Airline pilot programme (AAPP) is available for aspiring cadets. This comprehensive course, designed by the Alpha Aviation Group (AAG), takes a pilot through all required skills to join a First Officer airline. Opt Commercial pilot training institute in India.

In this article we are discussing and debating its benefits for pilots and prospective cadets in this specific AAG training programme.

Previous Experience Not Needed

The pilot programme of the Alpha Airline was designed specifically for people who have zero industry experience. Aspiring pilots do not require prior aviation experience. You should apply for your training as long as you have a degree and are motivated for success.

Extended and Detailed

The AAPP ‘s extensive running footprint is easily one of the advantages. It is a sophisticated and organised course for a cadet with the different credentials of a highly trained pilot to become a specialist aviation pilot.

In comparison to other academics that have a standard CPL-IR course, the APP ensures that pilots know the main flight and navigation theoretical structure and are aware of modern airport requirements, demands and cultures. AAG Philippines simultaneously hires faculty members and coaches with decades of business experience. These teachers are experienced in a business and military training environment for thousands of hours.

Furthermore, the pilot programme of Alpha Airline ensures cadets are fully and thoroughly trained to be fully informed of what to expect in an aviation environment. This includes the hours and courses to pass the private pilot licence, the commercial pilot licence and the rating of instruments. 

The advanced training process involves extensive multi-crew cooperation and jet orientation training courses that end in the Type Rating and Line Oriented Flight Curriculum, which ensures that cadets have the know-how and skills necessary to fly the Airbus A320, the aircraft most commonly used in the Asia-Pacific region.

Electronically Structured and Distributed

The highly organised, time-sensitive and accelerated design of Alpha Airline pilot programmes is perhaps one of the most significant advantages. This specific training option is full-time and can be finished within a mere 60 weeks so that cadets can join an airline immediately after obtaining the license and certifications they need. Some of the cadets of Alpha called this programme “Zero to Hero” affectionately.

Built For The Climate of The Airline

One of the objectives of the APP is to provide the pilots with a way of moving from a small to a commercial jet with minimal training disturbance. One successful way to do this is through the use of state-of-the-art technologies to mimic the airline climate. AAG knows the importance of using advanced technology, and thus uses a glass cockpit, the Cessna 172. 

The glass cockpit replaces more conventional analogue dials using high-tech avionics and digital displays such as LCD screens. In addition, the Airbus A320 Simulator Full Flight Level “D” is a computer that accurately reproduces Airbus A320 instruments and mechanisms. To date, AAG has operated and maintained the simulator of the European Aviation Safety Agency ( EASA) and is the only flight school.

These types of equipment allow cadets to learn the tools and displays that are in use in the flight deck of a modern jet aircraft. After cadets start their career as airline drivers, they have the trust and technological expertise to enable continued success and growth in their careers.

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Training as a commercial pilot could look like a challenging challenge with many criteria and qualifications. However, Alpha’s Pilot Program training programme is easily handled. Your dream of being a pilot of the highest standard is now more than ever. To learn more about the Alpha Pilot Program , please contact AAG today. Opt for Pilot academy in india.

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