The dropshipping supplier list. What’s it all about?

Whats it all about

Whats it all about

There are quite a few websites, ebooks or other media to be paid that promise dropshipping suppliers on the Internet. Are they really helpful?

Well, those who do dropshipping like me, namely initially with only one supplier, may, like me, be biased towards a list of suppliers.

But, like many things in life, every medal has two sides. Clearly, there are advantages and disadvantages here.

In the past, I was convinced that the personal supplier is the greatest asset of any droshipping seller. This will certainly continue to be the case in the future.

In my previous idea of ​​dropshipping, I always described that the biggest and most important goal of any new dropshipping seller must be to find the right supplier.

A dropshipping seller can generate remarkably large sales with just one supplier and, as a company, can initially be very small. I experienced this myself years ago.

Dropshipping Supplier List

  1. Alidropship
  2. Spocket: For review and complete details
  3. Saleshandy
  4. eMagicone
  5. Shipstation
  6. Woodropship
  7. Dropified
  8. Easyship 
  9. And many more

Dropshipping supplier lists often suggest the easy way. Just give us a call and you can start earning money. Anyone who thinks like this will surely be disabused soon. The chaff will quickly separate from the wheat.

Many companies offering dropshipping and looking for sellers in lists have aligned their dropshipping concept with a larger number of sellers, of whom you may be one. This system is often associated with costs, whether you sell or not, whether the collaboration is profitable or not. Too often the supplier is the sole winner of the system. Especially since competitors with the same goods and similar purchase prices make the business more or less homemade.

Lists can help you if you know how?

Every smart entrepreneur will at least start or have market surveys carried out at least to a small extent. This is always the right way, with or without dropshipping.

As a dropshipping seller who wants to cooperate with a supplier, you have to do more research on the market. You have to find out what market position your potential supplier already has.

To be able to judge this, some preparations are required. Develop an exact profile of your preferred supplier. Like a profiler, you should know exactly who you are looking for.

If you are looking for just any supplier, you will only find any supplier.

So it is once again up to you to prepare and do your job. Develop a supplier profile, checklists, which things must apply to the supplier, or which features you can do without in individual cases.

This is where the lists mentioned above come into play again.

If you know exactly what you want and have formulated it, you can quickly check such lists for the right supplier.

It depends on the quality of your prepared profile whether you will find the right one here or not.

Don’t make it too easy for yourself.

Even after selecting from lists, it is important to find out as much as possible about your “hit”. Google and other ways may help you with this.

In any case, your checklists will help you to quickly remove unsuitable companies from your project before you make financial or other damage through an incorrect selection.

Please take this procedure very seriously when processing supplier lists. This is the central issue when dealing with such lists.

My conclusion on the supplier list

Not everything that glitters is golden. A dropshipping supplier list is certainly one of them. However, such a list can help experienced online users at least gradually.

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