The Easiest Skills to Max Out in OSRS

The Easiest Skills to Max Out in OSRS

The Easiest Skills to Max Out in OSRS

Other than exploring, questing, or OSRS gold farming, skilling another worthwhile activity that players can do in Old School RuneScape. They do repetitive actions to gain XP for their chosen skill, leveling it up all the way to 99 (and beyond).

For some skills, they unlock otherwise inaccessible weapons, quests, or locations. The rest lets you produce useful things such as equipment, ammunition, or consumables.

Without further ado, here are the fastest skills to level up to 99!


The world record for reaching 99 Fletching is about three hours. The record holder crafted Bronze Arrows, then Bronze Darts, all the way to Dragon Darts. Making bows may give higher XP rates, but you can’t recover your spent OSRS gold buying the materials.

Fletching ammunition is the way to go. The whole process is expensive (about 120M gold), and you won’t get it back even if you sell everything you made. You’ll basically pay for the convenience of getting to 99 the quickest you can.

A cheaper alternative and slightly slower (a bit more than double the time) method is making Mithril Darts. It would cost only 51M, and take you about 7 hours to 99. The cheapest and longest alternative is making the best bows. That will take 80 hours, which is a far cry from the other two methods you can use.


You can also level up Prayer fast by offering up bones onto a lit gilded altar or the Chaos Altar. This way, you get twice the XP than when AFK clicking bones normally. Getting to 99 with Dagonnoth then Superior Dragon Bones will take about 10 hours for this method.

Of course, that’s going to cost you a fortune. You’ll need about 210M worth of bones to finish the race to 99. You can substitute that by using Hydra Bones all the way which is cheaper though slightly slower. If you’re going for the Chaos Altars in the Wilderness, you’d only use about half of what you need for the other altar. Still, you have to avoid the PK-ers lurking about the Wilderness if you do. It might also be slower since the bank is farther away, and you lose time when you get ganked.

There are a few other cheaper alternatives, but it also has a Magic requirement and will take significantly longer.


You can get to 99 Construction in just about a day. Build chairs, larders, then dining tables or Gnome Benches. Use high-quality wood, Mahogany, for the tables or benches to get the best XP rates. This will take you about 19-22 hours to 99, and about 182M gold.

If you want to cut down on costs, making Oak Dungeon Doors can slash about 100M off your spending. It will take you longer (38-40 hours), which is not bad, all things considered.


Making Jugs of Wine can get you from 1-99 in about 22 hours, spending about 20M in materials. However, at lower levels, you still have a high chance of failing, at least until level 68. It’s more efficient to cook Lobsters or Tuna first then make Jugs of Wine when you reach the threshold. It’ll take a bit longer, about 27 hours to do so, but you also spend about half of the former cost.

If you have good technical skills, you may also 1 tick Karambwans, which would take about 16 hours to 99.


The fastest way to raise Firemaking levels is to light up logs all the way to 99. It will take you about 35 hours and about 23M gold—quite a lofty investment.

If you want to earn while leveling up, you can fight the Wintertodt at level 50 and get OSRS gold selling the rewards you get from the fight. This is way slower and may depend on how you fight the boss. It would take about 55-65 hours to get to 99. It’s not a bad rate, considering you can also earn 6-10k gold per run depending on your luck. The best rates for this method comes by not fletching the roots.


It’s up to you whether you want the fastest way and end up poor, or take the long way and keep most of your gold. Of course, there’s always the option to buy OSRS gold. Many sites out there sell OSRS gold, though you never really know if it’s safe. It’s up to you to take that risk.

Four more skills with similar rates are Crafting, Magic, Herblore, and Smithing.

Crafting and Herblore need significant capital to power level to 99, much like the skills here. With the currency though, you would reach 99 in about 30 hours or so. For Crafting, you can do Glassblowing which is an extremely long path to 99 (~108 hours!), but at a much lower cost. Herblore has Ranging Potions or Super Combat potions as the cheaper alternative. They are, however, click intensive and tiring to do in one sitting.

Magic and Smithing are cheaper. Magic’s optimal method requires you to have some combat skills leveled, as you would go splashing on a mob of monkeys. Leveling Smithing will be the fastest with the lowest OSRS gold costs. The fastest method is to make Gold Bars at the Blast Furnace, which gets you to 99 in just 37 hours. You can unlock it at level 40, which is easy to reach.

Good luck on your journey to 99, and don’t forget to enjoy OSRS!

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