The Importance of Virtual Instructor Led Training-VILT

Training VILT

We all love videos but hate workouts, especially when they are long, unilateral and shelled with repetitive details and poor presentation skills. The e-learning industry is by its very nature experimental. As educational designers, we enjoy mixing popular to uncommon; rational perceptions and subtle to important in order to build successful learning strategies. Opt Virtual Instructor-Led Training.

What is the Curriculum of Virtual instructor Led Training (vILT)?

If an image is worth a thousand words, the value of a video is surely million! Studies show that 50% of the material that students hear and see as a video is retained in contrast with just 10% of the material they read. The immense success of many video training programmes shows that learning has the greatest impact on students.

In vILT, a teacher uses an online tool to provide two-way contact between the teacher and the student. You can exchange information on the session with learners through video, documents and written notes in real time if you choose an effective tool for conducting the session.

Here Are 5 Advantages of Selecting vILT for Business Learning:

1. Train Everybody with a Human Aspect Anywhere

A recent survey by Nielsen- a leading news and measuring organisation based in New York reveals that almost 44% of all online videos are shown at work. It is also wise to use video learning as a method to engage and inspire workers, rather than choose text-based communication. Video training can be distributed from anywhere and workers can participate from their desks or residences. This can save a company an immense amount of money otherwise used to fly, stay and organise suitable training courses. VILT also provides a human aspect and thus workers are mentored directly.

2. Interactiveness

Video training helps learners, regardless of where they are, to ask questions, express opinions, engage in debates and receive training. In addition, students can download different aids in different formats such as PDFs, Word Documents, Internet connexions, images, whitepapers and powerpoint presentations. Notes may also be made online, shared with other participants and expressed concern when questions occur

3. Output of Trackable Learner

You can track user success by using integrated analytics in tools, direct questions, interaction strategies or a combination of all three by using vILT. You can then immediately or at the end of the course display the grades. Efficient time tests are also possible through the conduct of role plays, questions and surveys. With vILT, monitoring the success of students and offering immediate feedback is easier.

The Many Benefits of Incorporating VILT into Your L&D Program | CoreAxis

4. Simple to Adapt

Organizations also want to educate their workers about the details needed for a job. Visual communication is the easiest and safest way to connect all knowledge with a single tool and distribute it easily to people. When the business, consumer dynamics, sales experience, or product portfolios shift rapidly, you can use vILT to train staff, exchange knowledge and fix any problems immediately.

5. Easy to Use DIY Tools

A variety of tools, such as CamStudio, Camtasia Studio, Dominknow Claro, Raptivity, and Adobe Connect, can be used to create engaging VILT services. Using these tools, you can create entertaining, easily personalised and delivering instructor-led training programmes. Furthermore, you can assess the success of training and use all of the desirable features of the LMS in vILT for almost fraction. Video-based training programmes give you the ability not only of trainers and learners but also of learners to clearly interact. This helps a session to not only help students achieve learning goals but also bring them together and form productive teams if they are successfully implemented. Opt for Employee Training Programs.

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