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You know the feeling when you are going about your day and your internet gets disconnected, the sheer frustration and anger you feel towards the ISP and your router. Well, I went through exactly that a number of times and so I decided that I had enough of this problem and went searching over the internet to buy a new router that is When I came across the Asus router it was cheap and affordable so I went ahead and bought it.  I opened the box and tried to read the instruction manual and noticed that the setup was pretty easy so I went ahead and installed my router where I wanted it and then I plugged in the router and connected it to my laptop via an ethernet cable and logged in to ROUTER.ASUS.COM  to configure the router, the whole process was very simple i.e, it doesn’t require a professional to set it up. I then entered the IP address of my device to connect to my router as it wasn’t yet connected to the internet.

Super Simple Installation

I then head over to my device’s IP address that is HTTP://ROUTER.ASUS.COM to login to my router by entering my username and password and setting up the SSID and password. After logging in you have to choose the type of connection you want i.e, automatic IP, static IP, PPPoE, PPTP, and L2TP, I chose the automatic IP connection as it is the option to choose if you are installing for using at home. Then head over to the wan connection option to select and configure your network cable when you plug into it. While scrolling down the settings please select the automatic DNS server option as any other option would create serve to cause errors and make sure to leave the advanced settings untouched as any changes in them will cause problems in the internet connection. Once the aforementioned instructions have been completed correctly head over and connect your network cable.

Problems with Installation

I didn’t encounter any problems while installing my router but if you do here’s what you can do about that. If you encountered ROUTER.ASUS.COM NOT WORKING while logging in to the router page then make sure that the router is properly plugged into the electric socket and also make sure that the ethernet is not loose, this will solve the problem of the page not getting displayed. If you completed the aforementioned instructions and encounter a ROUTER.ASUS.COM LOGIN issue then you can hard reset the router by pressing the reset button at the back of the router for 30 seconds and try again, this will solve your login issue. If you encounter any other problems such as router not found or the router is not detected by your laptop then disconnect the ethernet cable and restart your laptop then connect the cable and make sure that the windows drivers are properly installed.

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