The Weirdest Talents in Vanilla WoW

The Weirdest Talents in Vanilla WoW

The Weirdest Talents in Vanilla WoW

The talents you acquire as you play Vanilla WoW make the game much more enjoyable. This is thanks, in large part, to the depth they can add to the game’s dynamic. They make things more interesting,

Some are great, some not-so, and others are just downright weird! But as weird as those may be, it’s their inherent eccentricity that makes them stand out. Sure, some may be so bad that we wouldn’t recommend you touch ‘em with a ten-foot pole.

Some, however, can be so darn interesting that you won’t be able to resist trying them—just like you wouldn’t be able to say no to a few extra WoW Classic gold.

Here are the top talents from Vanilla WoW Talent Trees!

Weapon Balance

This talent is so out of place, it sticks out like a sore thumb! But before we delve deeper into why that is, let’s look at what it does. It boosts the damage you deal with melee weapons by 2%. This has a ceiling of 10% with 5 talent points.

The thing is, that if it were a talent for a weapon-based World of Warcraft class (such as a Paladin, Rogue, or Warrior), it wouldn’t be on this list. But the fact that it belongs to Balance Druids—commonly regarded as a pure caster class—makes it so out of place!

Curse of Exhaustion

Reducing the speed of your enemies to a grinding halt may seem like a useful talent, but it’s the circumstances (and wording) that make the Curse of Exhaustion weird.

The reason it’s on this rather notorious list is that it does not lower the target’s speed “by” 90%. Instead, it lowers the target’s speed “to” 90%. While it may seem like nit-picking at first, this minute distinction actually makes it just a tad more useful compared to other similar talents.

Throwing Weapon Specialization

Keeping your enemies at a distance while dishing out damage to them is no doubt a useful skill. And that’s exactly what the Throwing Weapon Specialization talent does for you.

It increases the range of your throwing weapons by 3 yards! On top of that, it r requires 25 points of combat mastery and has 2 ranks which inevitably increases your reach by 6 yards.

So if it’s really all that, then why is it even on this list? Well, the sad truth is that thrown weapons in Vanilla WoW suck. Plain and simple. They’re so bad that they pretty much negate all the good things this talent would otherwise have brought to the table. Weird!

Divine Strength

True to its name, this deep talent gives Paladins a 10% boost in strength. It has 5 ranks in all and is a 25 point Holy Talent. Now comes the bummer news: Holy Paladins don’t really do melee damage.

The sad thing about this talent is that it would be really useful for other classes—especially in raids or PvP where it really matters. It’s just that it was given to one that, when you think of it, doesn’t really need it. And that’s why it belongs to this list of weird Vanilla WoW talents!

Primal Instincts

As the final talent in the Feral Druid tree, it lowers the mana cost of your shapeshifting abilities by 25%. Even though Blizzard initially intended for druids to be able to shapeshift during combat, lots of players skipped it altogether because it took a toll on mana.

So much so that even the 25% “discount” you got via this talent wasn’t enough to encourage players. In the end, this was altogether scrapped and replaced with something better. It was then moved to the balance tree and later on renamed Natural Shapeshifter which had 3 ranks and effectively reduced the mana cost by 30%.

These talents may seem off or misplaced, but with the right application and a little bit of ingenuity on the player’s part, they can be great. Besides, whoever said weird equates to useless? Keep experimenting, keep building up your talent tree, and keep stocking up on all the essential WoW Classic Items. May you vanquish all who dare to oppose you as you journey forth into Azeroth. Good luck!

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