To Produce more Revenue navigate your marketing sales Funnel



Nowadays, more and more customers are turning towards online shopping. The convenience of e-commerce stores is driving more and more people away from physical stores and towards the online stores. 

But with a growing rate of customers, the number of online stores has shot up as well. Today, there are more than a million online sellers all over the world. 

This kind of competition makes it difficult to get sales and produce high revenue. This makes it very important to have the right digital marketing strategy to create effective sales funnel to generate more revenue. 

The process of creating a sales funnel can be broken down into the following four steps.


The entire sales funnel begins with product awareness. This is usually done through social media. Today, every single person in every household is an active social media user. This makes social platforms a lucrative place to generate brand awareness. 

Here’s how you can harness the power of social media to create brand awareness –

Brand Pages 

Brand pages create an attractive platform to promote your products and build a reputation. When people first get to know about your product, it is most often through social media or relevant social media advertisements.

The more popular the brand page gets, the more awareness the product can generate. People who actively follow these pages show an interest in the products by liking, commenting, sharing or engaging with the post regularly. 

Social media platforms also give you a chance to establish good relationships with the past, present, and future customers. It allows the seller and buyer to connect on a personal level and create a social environment that further promotes conversion rates. 


The audience’s interest in the promoted products and services can be determined by a lot of factors that can easily be recorded and analyzed with the help of a few simple tools. 

One of these methods is to measure the traffic on the web site and locating the source of that traffic. This enables you to understand exactly where the traffic is coming from and what is catching the audience’s attention. 

Link clicks are one of the most important factors of tracking audience activity. Link clicks help you understand how many people actually engaged with your content rather than views which may or may not indicate personal interest.

Making A Decision 

The decision is probably one of the most important elements of the sales funnel. The decision is a prime factor in the conversion rate. Studies have shown that viewers take less than a few seconds to judge your website. This first impression is a strong decisive factor when it comes to whether or not they proceed to explore your web site and make a purchase. 

The best way to optimize the decision-making process is to have an interesting and visually appealing landing page. A well-presented web site is more likely to encourage the customer to make a purchase than a poorly presented landing page.

The decision making is also promoted through retargeted marketing that focuses on advertising campaigns aimed at people who have previously visited the web page but did not make a purchase. 

This strategy is often one of the most effective tools for the last and the most important step of the sales funnel – the purchase. 

Purchasing the product 

This is the ultimate step that the sales funnel is aimed at. Once you have generated brand awareness, piques the audience’s interest and nudged them to make a decision about buying your product, the final step is the game-changer.

Studies have shown that people make their purchase decisions based on previous experiences with the brand. If you have extremely slow-loading pages, a complicated buying or payment making process, the customer will immediately leave the sale midway and exit the web site. 

This is in part due to the fast pace offered by technology and the variety of options available in the market. If the user is not satisfied with the consumer experience on your website, he or she is highly likely to move on to another web site. When this happens, the customers most often never visit the brand’s web page again as they start associating the brand with an unpleasant experience. 

This makes it very important to have a simple web interface and provide a satisfactory consumer experience. A good experience will eventually drive recurring sales hence generating more and more revenue. It will also help in boosting the customer’s brand loyalty. 

These customers will often share news about their purchases with their friends, family, and social media followers. This helps spread word of mouth information which in turn drives more traffic to your web site.

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