Top Uses Of Silicon In Our Daily Lives

1200px Arduino ftdi chip 1 1

1200px Arduino ftdi chip 1 1

Silicon is an element on the periodic table. There are countless uses for this element that is used in many products we use in our daily lives. It is a very abundant chemical compound that makes up almost 28-percent of our Earth’s crust. This makes the use of it even more appealing for product creators. Below are some of the top uses for silicon that you will find to be very interesting.

Dicing services


Silicon is used in a variety of electronic applications. The use of silicon wafer dicing services with companies makes many of the electronics we love available to us. Silicon wafer technology is used in different package names for marketing applications such as transistors, semiconductors, integrated circuits, and more.

Silicone Medical Uses

Another use of silicon that many people are familiar with is silicone breast implants. It is a good insulator and can be used for a variety of medical applications such as contact lenses, catheters, implants, bandages, and more. It is also a lubricant that can be found in a variety of cosmetics, shampoos, and hair conditioners.

Solar Panels

Another application that silicon is used for is the creation of solar panels. This industry is still in the beginning stages. However, silicon is used to create the silicon wafers for the solar panels. The main reason they are used is that they are a great semiconductor. This and the abundance of silicon technology makes solar panels more affordable for everyone.


Silicon lasers are the most powerful types. They can be used to reach up to 111-degrees Celsius. Even though the limits of silicon-based technology has reached its limits, it is still a very viable component that is widely used throughout the world.

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As you can see, there is a multitude of uses for silicon in things we use on a daily basis around the world. Without the use of silicon, many of the products we love and take for granted wouldn’t be a possibility. The use of silicon wafers is what is needed to create the electronic devices that most of us live for.

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