Use of Telecommunication in Today World


We all know that we are now living in the century which depends on different Technologies. These technologies make our daily life more comfortable. With the help of these technologies, peoples can do a number of tasks in a very short period of time. One of the most popular Industry is Telecommunication Industry. As we all know that this is the 21st century which is now totally depending on the phase of strong Networking. One of the best examples of strong networking is Social Media.

As we all know that the use of Social Media is spreading all around the world like a wildfire. Now Social Media is also known as the best source of spread information all around the world. The main cause of this Social Media Networking is to spread Communication Gaps all over the world. With the help of Networking, we can connect with others easily through which we can improve our communication skills.

What do you mean by Communication? The process in which information is transferred from source to destination is called communication. The communication can be in any form e.g. Voice, Data, Video, Graphics etc. one of the simplest ways for communication is Voice Communication. We have been using communication technologies for years. Communications or Telecommunications. The electromagnetic devices and systems are used for communicating over a long distance. The examples are telephone, radio, television and cables. As these, all are known as an advance Communication system. There are also some basic communication System Elements: for example Transmitter, Receiver and Medium (terrestrial like cables, Coax, Wire etc. & Ex-terrestrial like Radio Waves). 

There are many great purposes of telecommunication in our daily life which help us to deliver as much information as possible from the source to destination. The capacity for this purpose is measured in bits per second (BPS) or in call capacity. The information from these sources may be of different natures, such as voice, video or data products from a computer. The main purpose of this communication system is to deliver information in the shortest time and may be measured in milestones. 

One of the security purposes for this system is to reduce error in the delivery of information. They can be measured as Bit Error Rate (BER) or Frame Error Rate (FER). One of the other types of Telecommunication is Wireless Telecommunication. The use of antennas or the use of radiating devices is known as Wireless Telecommunication. Another best source for telecommunication is networking. With the help of Networking, peoples can now connect with people available all over the world. We can connect with different peoples to different places for increasing our social circle. Many of Social Apps such as Whatsapp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram are the best source of social Networking for connecting with different peoples.

One of the best sources of Telecommunication is Google Apps through which we can keep us up-to-date for the latest information and latest marketing values. These applications also played an important role in trending fashions for everyone worldwide. As we are in the 21st century and this century depends on a different type of technologies. These technologies also help people to select the latest fashions which are in trends for today. One of the best examples for these technologies is smartphones and Laptops which help people for getting connected with the latest news and updates. The use of cell phones and Laptops are very common these days. As the backend for these Devices depends on the use of telecommunication.

Nowadays smartphones are the best example of the combination of Technology & Telecommunication because now people and businessmen store all of their important documents as well as important data in a single device which have created their daily life so much busy that they can’t do anything else.  They can now operate there office and business anytime and anywhere. And now the latest creation for telecommunication devices are Smart Gadgets which can also be used as a social telecommunication device as compare to cell phones.

As the technology plays an important role for the success of every country there are now many Telecommunication industries in Pakistan which are used to spread Telecommunication Knowledge’s as well as invent new devices for making strong our communication skills. In Pakistan, there are also many Latest Construction Machines which are also using a wireless telecommunication device for controlling more than one devices with a single person. As we all know that many of these machines are for sale in Pakistan. As we are in a stable position for becoming a developing country.

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  1. Unified communication is one of the most useful cloud telephony tools that businesses can use for easy collaboration, streamline communication, and performance tracking.

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