What Are the Benefits of Implementing Continuous Feedback?



It is important to keep boost employee engagement for the benefit of your organization. Though there are multiple methods that can be used to achieve the same, such as implementing employee rewards and recognition programs or taking continuous feedback from employees.

Continuous feedback allows you to achieve a progressive workplace. A lot of companies have started recognizing how beneficial a feedback system can be, instead of following a process where the evaluation was carried out once a year.

Here are the benefits of implementing continuous feedback in your company.

Higher Engagement

Every employee wants to know how well they have been working. Everyone loves getting feedbacks. Using continuous feedback will allow you to keep your employees motivated and will boost engagement.

Offer them constructive feedback on a regular basis, this will help them get inspired and can also lead to high job satisfaction. This is one of the best methods to improve and help the company’s bottom line.

You can either use regular surveys to get feedback, or you can use reviews or discussion panels to understand their point of view. The most important step is to consider what employees mention.


If your employees are getting a low amount of feedback and the frequency is close to once a year, then the chances of employees leaving the company increase significantly. Everyone likes to be praised or informed of how well they have been working. If employees are not getting constructive feedback, that is enough reason for them to change their jobs.

You should also understand that there is a difference between feedback and constructive feedback. Just offering feedback isn’t enough, you need to consider the skills and the work an employee has been doing and offer feedback based on that.

Higher Productivity

When people start receiving continuous feedback, the chances of improvement increase significantly. Getting continuous feedback can help employees in more ways than one.

Sometimes, getting proper feedback can motivate employees enough to try and find new approaches to achieve success. When employees feel that their managers are investing time in them and are willing to understand their approach, they tend to continue working harder.


With the help of continuous feedback, managers can easily provide an accurate account of employee performance/ Since most of these feedbacks are being documented, it can easily show the trajectory of performance of employees.

You will be able to understand where employees improved and which feedback boosted their productivity and engagement. Continuous feedback can help managers while evaluating performance reviews as well.

Continuous Learning

It is important that your employees can learn and improve on a regular basis. With continuous feedback, it becomes easy to build trust among employees and boost them to perform better.

A lot of times, the list of clients keeps changing, which makes it necessary for businesses to adapt to the situation quickly. If you are able to create a culture of continuous learning, adapting to changes becomes much better.


You should understand that a year is a long period of time. If you only continue to take annual reviews, you might be giving a lot of time and space for issues to build up. 12 months is a lot of time for a small issue to become a big one.

This is why continuous feedback can help eliminate these instances since you will be able to identify issues much quicker than with other methods.

Higher Morale

Higher morale always leads to better performance. Better performance will always lead to success. This is why it’s important that you encourage employees to offer feedback on a regular basis. Not only this will make them feel heard but it will also boost their morale and perform much better.

Positive Environment

Often time you notice people complaining about their work, and how they would like to move on from it. Most of the time it happens when they feel they are not heard or when they feel the company doesn’t have a positive environment.

With continuous feedback, a company has a chance to create an enjoyable environment. When people feel comfortable while exchanging feedback, it improves growth. Employees will feel less stressed and empowered, which will make them feel good about coming to work on a regular basis.

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