What do you need to know about AOL Gold Download?


There is a number of software available in the market today but what makes AOL Desktop Gold different from others is its age and most profound its security features. Becoming a one-stop destination for all sorts of AOL Gold products, the software gives users a very good option to save their precious time. All they need is to follow the AOL Desktop Gold Download procedure carefully and the software gets ready to functions. 

The attributes are just amazing and you can’t find drooling yourself anywhere once you have AOL Desktop Gold. Although, it is available on the minimal price subscription but can be used for free as well. Depending on the subscription you choose, you get to see the features available. You can also choose to see its free trial option to take a virtual experience of AOL world. 

What features does the software Support? 

The features that AOL support gives you enormous options to enhance your experience. The following are some of its attributes. 


Browsing, watching videos, playing games, reading news, you name it and it has all. For a better experience, it has kept everything under one roof. 

Programmed Refresh

There is no need to do any manual update in it as the software has an in-built update option which automatically updates it. 

Double Authentication Password

Keeping the user’s security in mind, the desktop offers a double-authentication option to ensure only you are using it. Whenever you access it, it sends you an OTP on your phone and one needs to enter the password every time they access it. 

Data Import-Export

No matter what data you have in the mail, you can simply import it anytime. In the same way, you can export the desktop gold data to other mail as well. 

Common Issues you can face while downloading it 

Technicalities and issues, both these terms are quite related to each other. You can’t get away from it as it will follow you every time until you become prone to it. Here’s a list a issue you may face while downloading or using the software. 

  • Software crashing issue:– Sudden software crashing can get you in confusion and leave you clueless. 
  • Software not functioning properly:- Whilst using it, it sometimes disrupts the functioning. 
  • Unable to upgrade AOL:- Unable to upgrade AOL when it is much needed. 
  • AOL Gold error 104:- Sudden occurrence of error in AOL may prevent you from using it. 
  • Speed issue with AOL:- Slow-speed can lag you behind from using it. 
  • Unable to open and access:- Sometimes a single-halt in the software can deprive it of opening.  
  • Can’t log in to AOL:- Unable to log in to AOL? Find an instant solution to fix it. 

Unlike these, there are many others that can come in your way. Although, one can anytime seek an instant help to rectify them. For further details about it, simply refer to the below-given information. 

Where do You Get Expert’s Help?

As we all are well aware of the fact that AOL never leaves its customer’s hand and the company is considered to provide excellent service when it comes to customer service. Their users can seek instant support anytime they need help. Whether it be regarding AOL Gold Download, software installation, security features, double authentication password or anything, instant support can be found for any of the queries related to AOL Desktop Gold.

The experts working in the AOL customer service team are experienced enough to give you the resolution virtually. You do not even need to take your step out. For further details, visit the website now. 

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