What Type Of Medicine Causing Erectile Dysfunction In Australian Men?

One of the main reasons behind erectile dysfunction is the use of medication. You might not believe me but one-third of the erectile dysfunction cases are due to the excessive use of certain medications. If you feel like that you are having some kind of issue with your penis erection then the first thing to look for is the current medication you are own. Therefore, the next time you visit your doctor ask them whether you need to take this particular medication or there any kind of replacement that doesn’t cause ED. If you can’t stop that medication then you might as well shift to ED treatment. Australian Companies such as Vialis Meds have developed some good medicine formulas. Which are safe, effective, easily available and with very few side effects.

Common Drugs That Cause ED:

Medication, where provide relief in some condition, might affect your sexual performance. Many blood pressure drugs are the main cause of erectile dysfunction. Some other medications that are responsible to increase the risk of erectile dysfunction are listed below.

  • Any kind of antidepressant, especially SSRIs.
  • Drugs used for acid reflux.
  • Anti-allergic medication or Antihistamines.
  • Opioids such as morphine, codeine, etc.
  • Chemotherapies and injections are given during prostate cancer treatment.

ED Causes Other Than Medication:

Well, only medication is not the root cause of erectile dysfunction there are some other possible reasons behind this. Some of these common reasons behind every erectile dysfunction are listed below.

  • Chronic health diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, hormonal disorder, nerve disorder, trauma and surgery to the pelvis are such physical conditions that could result in ED.
  • Some emotional causes such as stress, relationship difficulties, depression and anxiety related to sexual performance can promote erectile dysfunction.
  • High consumption of alcohol and bad smoking habits.
  • Use of hardcore drugs such as cocaine, heroin, marijuana, meth and any harmful drugs. They can help you to gain confidence and develop sex drive but maintaining a satisfying erection gets very difficult with their use.

Use of Blood Pressure Medicine:

One of the things that cause you heart diseases and hinder your blood flow is also the root cause of erectile dysfunction. Therefore, if you have erectile dysfunction then it is more likely for you to have any kind of heart disease. People who suffer from cardiovascular problems tend to take blood pressure-lowering medicine. But most of the blood pressure medications in Australia are the common cause of erectile dysfunction. Therefore, you should ask your doctor to prescribe such medication that poses a lower risk of erectile dysfunction.

Medication for ED:

When we talk about ED medication the most popular medicine choice in Australia is to Purchase generic Dapoxetine 60mg. However, this medication is very useful for people who often suffer from getting an erection. But the long term use of this medication is not beneficial. Moreover, you need to be very careful with its usage. A single pill one hour before the sexual activity is enough. As an excessive dosage can become very dangerous for your health. Secondly people who have heart disease should always consult their doctors before its use.

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