What You Should Know about RAM for Better Computer Use Experience

RAM bar

RAM bar

For users when buying a computer, we always require a strong, stable machine as well as the configuration of the machine that we are about to buy. One of the requirements that users are very interested in when buying a laptop is RAM. However, many people still do not really understand what RAM is? What are their functions on a computer?

What is RAM?

RAM is an acronym for Random Access Memory, which can be interpreted as temporary memory storage for a certain short time on a computer, used to store information so that the CPU can access and process data, in over a certain period of time, helps to increase the speed of running of the computer. The greater the amount of RAM, the faster the job access rate will help the performance of the computer will be higher.

How Does RAM Work?

In the process of using a computer, when the computer is operating, the CPU Chip must handle many simultaneous tasks, and most of the applications operate on the computer are handled through the CPU such as entertainment, gaming, watching movies, listening to music, graphics applications. And the CPU can’t do all the work, it needs extra help, and Ram is seen as an assistant to help the CPU a work part.

The function of Ram is to temporarily save the information that we have just operated on the machine, Ram will save the parameters and gradually transfer the information to the CPU to help the CPU from being overloaded by doing many tasks at the same time. And the processing speed of RAM is also very fast, the larger the capacity of RAM, the higher the temporary storage. It helps your computer handle tasks more gently and quickly.

What is the Parameter on RAM?

On each RAM bar, there are 2 parameters are the capacity of the RAM and the bus of RAM.

In particular, talking about RAM capacity, the larger the RAM capacity, the more storage capacity of the device as well as the ability to access data stronger and faster.

Speaking of RAM Bus, it’s like a subsystem that transfers data between components inside a computer, or between computers. You can roughly understand that Bus is a way of connecting data communication between 2 or more devices connected to the computer. (Like connecting a processor to a screen card)

The larger the capacity of the RAM bus, the faster the data access speed will be increased, the more traffic will be available.

What is the Role of RAM on the Computer?

When we perform manipulations on the machine or use simple programs until gaming entertainment. RAM will immediately recreate the image by real-time access to temporary memory that has been previously saved.

RAM also aims to store data temporarily (RAM is only stored when the computer is active). Computers with more software need more RAM to keep the system in good and stable condition. And more importantly, the process of booting the computer without RAM, our computer will not be able to operate.

=> In short, Ram is a temporary memory storage device, solving support work for the CPU. The larger the RAM capacity and the higher the BUS will make the computer work better, more agile in accessing data of your computer

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