WhatsApp Integration with Contact Center Software


WhatsApp has become an integral part of our day to day communications. Many companies have started using it for business communications.

People are using WhatsApp for business as well as personal chats. Customers get encouragement to send their concerns and comments through WhatsApp. WhatsApp also provides feature-rich communication. It is the reason why it has become one of the most opted communication modes for business and professional networks.

Numerical data related to WhatsApp

● There are more than 2 Billion active users on WhatsApp.

● The number of users using WhatsApp daily is more than 75%.

● It has become the most used mobile app.

● Many Indians use it for business purposes too.

Source – https://www.statista.com/statistics/730306/whatsapp-status-dau/

The reason why call centers face problem while integrating WhatsApp based communication

There are several reasons why call centers face problems while integrating WhatsApp based communication. Some of the reasons include: –

● It is not convenient for companies to buy individual numbers for agents to communicate through WhatsApp.

● Call center software and WhatsApp windows are different, so agents need to go back and forth several times.

● Providing a personal WhatsApp number will decrease the productivity of agents. It can make it impossible to measure the productive time spent on the phone because it is challenging to keep an eye on each agent on their Whatsapp number.

There is similar confusion in all the other businesses. It isn’t easy to use Social media customer service software because while using it it is challenging to handle various agents and executives by WhatsApp communication.

What is WhatsApp integration in Social media customer service software?

Companies are trying to integrate several features of the WhatsApp web with the call center software. It provides access to all the significant features of the WhatsApp web to the customers. Both Agents and admin can deal with customers with WhatsApp within the call center window. It does not interrupt ongoing calling campaigns in the call centers.

How does WhatsApp CRM integration perform the task?

● A single number is registered with WhatsApp as a business number. Call center agents can use the office landline number to register for WhatsApp CRM integration purposes.

● Once WhatsApp is integrated with contact center software. All the incoming and outgoing communications initiate coming and going through CRM and not on the agent’s smartphones.

● Social media customer service software can read incoming messages. It can trigger some specific notifications and actions. For instance, it can generate a ticket when a message appears, starting with “Support.”

Soon Artificial Intelligence Chatbot support systems with WhatsApp, Messenger, and chat features will be seen in the market.

Key features of call center WhatsApp integration

There are a plethora of key features of call center WhatsApp integration. A few of them are mentioned below.

  • It offers a similar interface and feel of WhatsApp web within the call center software
  • It has a single sign-on facility.
  • Businesses can use a single mobile number for all the agents. It also offers facilities to agents to exchange messages in parallel within their call center window.
  • Businesses can map WhatsApp numbers to campaigns. If agents have different numbers, companies can assign those numbers to various campaigns.
  • Companies can also see the different contacts with whom chat took place in the past or is ongoing right now.
  • Agents can switch from one chat to another.
  •  Agents can search group name, contact name, or number from the available chat list.
  •  It shows notifications in the same way as the WhatsApp web. It shows a single tick for the sent message, double tick for the delivered message, and blue ticks for read message.
  • Agents can send text messages and upload videos.
  • Agents can upload and send an audio attachment and documents in PDF and Doc formats.
  • Agents can upload and send pictures in various formats such as JPEG, GIF, Tiff, etc.

Benefits of integrating WhatsApp in Contact Center Software

The main aim of integrating WhatsApp in contact center software is not to send bulk messages. WhatsApp is integrated into contact center software for transactional and operational purposes. It is used basically for promotions and sales process management.

●       Direct advantage

The messages of WhatsApp are the most subtle means of communication. Many people across the globe see WhatsApp messages before email and SMS.

●      Benefits based on the template

Businesses can send custom text messages attached with links to the company’s prospects and customers.

●        Benefits based on the workflow

Businesses can build a drip-marketing campaign to send a sequence of WhatsApp messages to leads.

●        Benefits based on the time

Companies can send happy birthday messages or estimated time of arrival of delivery or anniversary greetings to clients and customers.


Integrating WhatsApp in social media customer service software is reforming the way call center executives handle the queries of clients. It is making customer service a seamless experience and assisting companies to gain high productivity.

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