Why Choose OgyMogy Computer Tracking Software to Monitor Someone’s Activities?

computer monitoring software for employee kids parents

computer monitoring software for employee kids parents

Guardians are forever bothered about the safety and good future of their children and it is justified in this contemporary world where there is a serious threat at every corner. They do not want them to become a victim of toxic people and wrong company. Today, it’s nearly impossible to control your offspring or track their online activities. 

Employers are concerned about their staffs’ poor performance and they want to know how they spend office hours when they are not being supervised. On the other hand, spouses don’t want to be get betrayed by their partners, so they want to know what sort of acts they perform on their windows computers and laptops.

Do you want to have an effective and reliable way that can support you track windows computers and laptops of your loved ones and workers? Look no further because OgyMogy computer tracking software is here to resolve all your distresses and worries. 

It helps you monitor their activities without informing them that you are tracking them. Having tabs on your family may not be a healthy practice. Whenever they will find out that you are spying on them, it will badly hurt your relationship. 

However, sometimes for parents and partners, it’s imperative to supervise their children and spouse’s deeds to protect them from potential dangers and to confirm they don’t interact with wrong people that could put them in trouble. Employers must inform their team members that they have installed spyware on company-owned devices. 

Is Computer Spyware Useful For Parents And Employees?

Many people are familiar with the concept of tracking and stalking. In the past, cameras were installed in the offices and houses to make sure employees are working and kids are safe. However, in recent years, technology has brought an evident transformation in the world. 

These days, spy apps are available that enable you to secretly and remotely know what they are doing on their gadgets, whom they are interacting with, and what sort of conversations they are having. 

It can capture live screen recording of the company-owned laptops, so you can discreetly view if workers are performing their duties honestly or wasting time in uncreative acts. You can monitor teens’ dating and social media profiles, web browsing history, installed apps and programs, location history, bookmarked webpages, control camera and mic, and much more. Moreover, With the help of spy software, you can shield your business from disloyal workers and catch your cheating partner. 

What Can Computer Spy Software Do?

OgyMogy surveillance software gives you prior information about the imminent threats that could badly damage your business and exploit your child. If you are doubtful that your kids watch adult content, you can remotely restrict those websites. You can include the webpages into the filters and block the URLs. 

Moreover, it enables both bosses and guardians to acquire user-friendly reports in terms of exchanged emails, alarm logs, frequently explored websites and applications, top categories, activity logs, browsing history, and much more. 

You can capture countless screenshots of the targeted windows system and stay informed all the time. Additionally, you can control the monitored system’s microphone to record and listen to neighboring voices and conversations clearly. 

Employers can control cameras of the company-owned windows computers and laptops to grab information about what team members are up to. 

The software has the capability to perform screen recording and make short videos of the screen, so you can stay updated about youngsters’ and staff members’ deeds whenever you want. 

If your computer has been lost or stolen, the GPS location tracking feature can assist you discover its precise locality. You can also know about which places your family members and employees visit the most and much more. 


Computer tracking software is a basic necessity these days. It has numerous astonishing features that help you remotely take control and manage your targeted system. 

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