Why Halloween Contact Lenses Causes Discomfort & How To Tackle Them

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When Halloween comes around, we will all be vying to get our hands on Halloween contact lenses. We will all be looking for discount Halloween contacts to have the best of Halloweens ever 

Halloween is the time of the year when it gets pretty exciting. There is no stopping you from going completely wild. And with the amazing Halloween contact lenses, you can have an even better experience.

The demand for Halloween eye contacts has increased quite significantly. People now want them for more than one party. They would like to travel to huge Halloween events around the world and wear their Halloween lenses. To solve this problem experts have come up with weekly and two weekly contact lenses for Halloween to help people with their requirements.

Still, with so much demand and use all around the globe, people sometimes feel discomfort with Halloween contact lenses and they wonder why it happens. Well because everyone has different eye measurements and not all size fits all. Then there are different types of lenses available and not all types fit everyone. So let us discuss why we feel discomfort while wearing Halloween contact lenses. This will help us identify the problem and solve it. 

The Right Fit of Contact lenses

Fitting of the contact lenses matters a lot. As I said before I am going to say it again, there is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to contact lenses. Your eyes are different from the eyes of someone else, hence the sizes and measurement of eyes differ. That is why it is important that you get a prescription from a doctor so you would know the dimensions of the lens you have to buy.  

If the fitting of your lens is not right then your eyes will feel discomfort.

Any long term allergy to any material

That is why it is important to have a prescription from a doctor. You may be allergic to the colored tints or the material of lens (there are lenses made of different plastics or glass). So you need a proper examination of your eyes so your doctor can identify if you are allergic to any material or solution. Some people are allergic contact lenses solution. In that case, it is important that they find the right solution to which they are not allergic. Your doctor will help you in this regard. 

Type of Lens

As mentioned earlier there are different types of contact lenses available. There are soft plastic contact lenses that are usually used for Halloween and similar events. Then we have the RGP (rigid-gas-permeable) contact lenses. These are glass lenses and they are more durable. If you use rigid lenses then you will need time to get used to it.  

Cleaning solutions

You need a lens cleaning disinfectant solution so you can keep your Halloween contact lens clean and ready for use. That is in case you are purchasing weekly contact lenses. So you need to get solutions that your eyes will accept. Sometimes because of a certain solution, your eyes feel discomfort. Find a brand that suits your eyes.  

Wearing Lenses for a long time causes discomfort

When this starts to happen, this may suggest that your eyes are not accepting the lens type or they are sensitive. In this case, you must switch from weekly or two weekly contact lenses to daily disposable contact lenses. This is because, no matter how much you clean your contact lenses, after use some particles get stuck to your lenses. Then, because of your tear protein and calcium gets deposited on the lens. Some eyes are too sensitive to such deposits

Switching to daily disposable will provide you fresh Halloween contact lenses and you wouldn’t need to clean them too. So your eyes will stay clean of all the unwanted deposits

Maintain your lenses

Sometimes users are not careful about their lenses. Those who buy weekly disposable Halloween contact lenses must take proper care of their Halloween lenses. Maintenance through proper cleaning and storing is very important. Make sure you wash your hands before you touch them, clean them with a disinfectant solution before and after use. 

Never top up your lens case with solution. Always throw away the old solution and then add the new and fresh solution to place your contact lenses.

Do not use expired contact lenses

Every contact lens has an expiry date. When it comes to Halloween contact lenses you usually get daily disposable contact lenses. These contact lenses are not to be used for more than once. Just like that, you must not use weekly contact lenses for more than a week. Once the lens expires, you must get rid of them and buy new ones.

Apply less Eye Make-up

Always apply eye makeup only as much as required. Do not apply too much eye makeup. The use of eyeliner and eye shadows will most probably get in your eyes and onto your eye contacts. Because of the particles stuck on your eye contacts, this may cause discomfort. 

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