Why should you visit Iceland during summers?


In recent years, Iceland has experienced a major boom in its tourism. The spectacular country is becoming one of the most traveled places in the world. As the name implies, Iceland is perfect as a winter destination and is primarily for its majestic glaciers, snow-covered lava fields, Northern Lights and stunning ice caves. But what many tourists fail to understand is that the entire country has a unique vibe altogether during the summer too.

Summer is the brightest and most colorful season in Iceland and quite a lot of activities and adventures are also available even during the hot months. It is prime time for hiking and hopping in a pool between hot natural springs. Isn’t these reasons enough to go for private tours Iceland? It is also the only season where you can visit awe-inspiring islands and the days are longer and the nights are warmer. You may not be able to experience anything during the summer months but that is exactly the point; to bring you to this place again and again and then once more.

Reasons to visit Iceland during summers?

1. Puffins!

Home to one of the world’s largest Puffin colonies, cute orange beaked birds are certainly worth looking out for during summers in Iceland.

The puffins are fans of the sunshine which means that you cannot find them around during winters. You can only catch a sight of them between April and August flying along with the coastal areas like the Westman Islands.

2. Midnight Sun

• Iceland experiences 21 hours of continuous daylight during its summer months.

• The sun usually rises around 3 a.m. and sets around midnight. These long and sunny days and warm nights provide the perfect arena to stay up late, enjoy the view of the island, and do more and more.

If you pick Iceland tour in summer, you will see the skies blaze in vibrant shades of pink and gold that will intensify the magic in those moments. Imagine sitting across a narrow Fjord and watching the sun merely touch the surface of the water – an experience word can never do justice to; an experience you’ll never forget.

3. Festivals in Iceland

If you are planning to make an Iceland tour in summer and are a die-hard music fan, then I have some good news for you. In almost every small town of the country including Reykjavík, there are strong traditions for celebrating summer and gathering for a long weekend to drink, dance, camp, enjoy and spend time with friends or family.

• One of the most recent largest festivals is the secret solstice which is held in Reykjavík. It has been growing strong since it started in 2014. It is always held around mid-June while the sun is still waiting to set and people craving the real vibe can party under the midnight sun post-dawn.

• Summer is the peak festival season in Iceland. Not even a week passes by without some kind of festival being celebrated in most villages.

• Some of our favorite festivals are the Lobster Festival in Höfn to Danish Days in Stykkishólmur, Secret Solstice in Reykjavík, The Great Fish Day in Dalvík, Reykjavík Pride and Culture Night, Bræðslan in East Iceland and Þjóðhátíð in the Westman Islands.

4. A Trip to the Highlands

Some parts lying in the interior of Iceland are impossible to reach during the winter months since the road conditions get much worse. Visit in July on a super jeep tour Iceland, and you will be able to access all areas in the Highlands. If you are a keen hiker and want to plan the right Iceland tour in summer for yourself and experience something mind-blowing, you should most certainly not miss the chance to explore the stunning Icelandic Highlands. The striking landscape seems otherworldly and is certainly worth the detour in case the road and weather conditions not too extreme.

5. Hiking

Iceland is a heaven on Earth for hikers and what most people fail to recognize is that summer is the best time to explore the country on foot. Hiking opportunities in Iceland are abundant for both beginners and avid hikers which makes it one of the most popular Iceland tours in summer. Any region you choose to travel to in Iceland, you will find a trail of waterfalls, mountains, beaches, and volcanoes right at your sight to take your breath away. If you are a serious hiker and looking for a proper hiking Iceland Tour in Summer, Landmannalaugar to Þórsmörk, Skógar and between Þórsmörk and Hornstrandir in the Westfjords are your best options. However, it is necessary to keep in mind to have the right pair of hiking boots with good ankle support to accompany you on your voyage.

6. Enjoying the Land in a sparkling white Sheet

Many people wonder that glacier activities are only during the winter months in Iceland, but you are all wrong!

Even during the summer months, you may be able to experience cool and snowy atmospheric conditions in Iceland that are highly supportable for glacier hiking, ice climbing or even snow-moiling on a glacier. The only difference that stands now is that during these summer months you will find the weather warmer and the sky more bright, sunny and clear! Just take into note that it is always advisable to visit a glacier with a guide or on organized tours.

7. Camping

Want to take the real experience of Iceland tours in summers and make the most of its magnificent attractions? You can now get a chance to get right into the action besides your beloved sight and enjoy the natural beauty and aura of the place all day; till the morning.

• Camping in Iceland can provide a unique perspective of the nature around you and give you a very real feeling of your surroundings. You will be able to hear the rustling of grass by the breeze, the roaring of a waterfall outside and feel the scent of fresh manure from across the fields from inside your tent.

• It will be an experience for a lifetime. Even the kind of dreams that you’ll see that night will be unique and unforgettable.

• Make sure to tent or van at specifically designated camping areas in Iceland and make sure to rent a registered vehicle.

During the summertime, the roads are clearer, nature is in bloom, the weather is mild and soothing, traveling around is easy, the place is less crowded and you will have the perfect light for your pictures at all hours. There can be some crowd at the most popular attractions sometimes but if you plan your Iceland tour in summer properly, the island will make sure to call you back another season for yet another unforgettable experience.

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