Why Your Logistics Needs Omnichannel Contact Center Software

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Logistics, the man in the middle, may find little use for omnichannel contact center software. Most logistics services make use of custom logistics software. A peek at the software will show you holes in areas of customer service. The primary customer is the shipper and the shipper’s buyer is the secondary customer. Keeping both satisfied is easy when you use contact center software. This can be independent of the logistics software or integrated into it. 

A peek into logistics software

Typical logistics software includes algorithms that help operators obtain better quotes from service providers and pick the right one. It can also: 

  • Plan routes for on-time delivery using data mapping features
  • Track and trace each consignment, share documents and collaborate
  • Settle freight rates and comply with regulations
  • Calculate freight according to dimensions, weight, special features, distances, destinations and give immediate quotes
  • Book, instruct for pickup, bill customers, track movement, obtain delivery receipts.

As can be seen, the customer service and communication feature does not figure much in typical logistics software. You need omnichannel contact center software in order to enhance quality of service and keep customers happy. 

Omnichannel contact center software in logistics

Customers, either primary or secondary, may raise an issue about freight rates, delayed delivery, damaged condition of consignment or non-receipt, through a variety of channels. Your personnel may not know and may not respond in time, earning you a negative reputation and possible loss of primary client. Get a developer expert in integrating contact center software with your logistics software and CRM and your employees can have a single dashboard view of all such customer voices on any channel including social media like Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram. You may steer such social conversations to other channels effortlessly and bring about prompt resolution much to the delight of customers, primary or secondary. Such integration can do more for you: 

  • Issue delivery confirmation through IVR
  • Keep track of customer information, expectations and quality of interactions
  • Issue notifications
  • Let your employees interact with each other wherever they may be and work better
  • Plan sales campaigns, conduct surveys with ease using the auto dialer and IVR features
  • Direct inbound calls to the right executive in your organization
  • Build better customer relations with social media interactions
  • Use social media to enhance brand, send out notifications
  • Consolidate data into CRM and derive intelligent insights
  • 24×7 availability through IVR

A case in point

Take the case of VX Logistics. It grew out of trucking business and uses logistics software to manage freight movement by trucks across the country. VX Logistics even started door to door courier services for industries. The logistics software could not help them to address numerous customer queries over phone, Whatsapp and emails. The omnichannel contact center software they brought in connected the dots and helped in streamlining flow of information. Customer satisfaction increased; loyalty increased and so did return business. Today, VX seeks to expand to international operations. They made this announcement through Twitter, hash tagging their numerous customers and then wrote an extended post on Facebook, read by customers and shared by them with others. 

An executive said that the video feature was particularly helpful in better interactions. More importantly, it was used quite frequently in case of assessing packages said to be damaged in transit and in viewing consignment note details. One can gauge feelings of customers better when you view them face to face. This certainly takes service to an altogether different level. 

Then again, they landed an important inquiry from a big client. The video conferencing feature came in useful in holding an online meeting to discuss various matters which led to an immediate decision in their favor, more then justifying investment in the call center software. 

Working together and in sync

Customer service is the primary goal of contact center software but, in case of logistics, it facilitates working together and in sync. This applies to employees regardless of where they are located and it applies to including primary customer in the work together environment. 


Humans are not robots. Business thrives on relationships and for this your social media contact center leads to development of the human aspect. You can invite customers to know your key employees, interact on social platforms like Facebook, share event photos on Instagram, invite comments and wish people on birthdays or anniversaries. It shows you care and customers need care. Indirectly, your contact center software helps to add a human element to clinical business procedures. And the beauty of it is that everything is integrated on one platform. Otherwise, each employee would be using personal social media accounts for such interactions. You get valuable data too, from such unification. 

Consider omnichannel contact center software for your logistics operations. Customer experience is vital and the software helps keep all customers, primary and secondary, fully satisfied and loyal to you. 

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