Write down the steps to Connect HP Printer to Wi-Fi Router Automatically?

HP Printer to Wi-Fi Router Automatically

My hp printer says it is in error state

  • Ensure that your PC/PC and system are dependable.
  •  On the off chance that you need to associate the HP printer to a wireless system you should satisfy the accompanying prerequisites:
  •  Your PC must be running Windows Vista or later (Mac).
  •  Ensure that your PC is associated with a 802.11 b/g/n remote switch over a 2.4 GHz association. HP doesn’t as of now favor 5.0 GHz.
  •  The working arrangement of your PC must be in the control of the wireless system.
  •  Your PC must utilize a working framework and wireless association with a system.
  •  Your PC must utilize a unique IP address rather than a static one.
  •  Pursuit the Product for your Printer.
  •  In the subsequent advance, you need to download and introduce the new form of the driver. To know more about My hp printer says it is in error state, so you need to visit the given link. 
  •  Turn the printer On.
  •  In the event that your printer serves well with the HP Auto wireless connect, at that point organizing so will prepare the printer to interface. The printer will just hold on to the setting for two hours.
  •  Adhere to the guidelines given on the screen until you arrive at the system area. This depends on your printer model and PC working framework.
  •  Presently pick the Ethernet/Remote alternative that is exhibited at the start of the page.
  •  Tap on Indeed, mail my remote settings to the printer. Subsequent to doing so the printer will have the option to perceive the remote system data.
  •  Simply hang tight for at some point for your printer to associate.
  • After it is done you will see a confirmation on your PC’s screen.
  •  Adhere to the remaining on-screen directions. After the arrangement is finished you will have the option to utilize your printer.

 Write down the steps to connect HP Printer to WiFi Network manually?

  • Ensure that your printer is enlisted on your PC.
  •  With regards to associating physically then you should simply install the printer to your PC by means of USB link. What’s more, install the printer through Disc as establishment Compact disc joins numerous printers.
  •  Switch on the printer.
  • Ensure that your printer is associated with a power button and afterward press the power button.
  •  Start the touch screen if it is important.

On the off chance that your printer isn’t having the touch screen then you need to install the printer to your wireless system utilizing the software setup process. In the event that the printer is as of now installed, at that point, you have to uninstall it and again introduce it to associate with the wireless system.

  • Select on setup choice.
  • Discover the setup choice by looking down or to one side.
  • You may likewise show the choice of wireless if so tap on the wireless.
  • Select the system.
  • Subsequent to choosing the system open the wireless settings.
  • Select the wireless system wizard.
  • This will provide printer guidance to scan for wireless systems.
  • Select the system name.

This is the name that you have appointed to your wireless system when you produced it.

  • On the off chance that you have not set up the name, at that point you will see the router’s model number and manufacturer name.
  • On the off chance that you don’t see the system name at that point look down to the base and select the field. At that point enter your network’s name.
  •  Enter the password of your network.
  •  You need to enter the password which you use when signing in to your wireless system.
  •  Select ok.
  • Presently the printer will connect with the system and you will have the option to print any page over the wireless system.

How to troubleshoot if your HP printer is not printing properly?

This issue can result from different reasons, from availability issues to broken designs or drivers. On the off chance that you are battling to locate a decent fix, you can check out the strategies as follows.

1) Perform basic troubleshooting

2) Set your printer as default

3) Cancel all print job 

4) Check printer status

1) Perform basic troubleshooting:

You can do some investigation from the start when you discover your HP printer quits working. Ensure your gadgets are appropriately associated with one another, and the system or the link you use to interface these gadgets is typical.

You can likewise take a break while starting again your HP printer. Turn it off totally and unplug the cables, leave it for two or three minutes, and afterward plug the cable back and power on the printer. Check whether your printer can print as ordinarily as in the past.

2) Set your printer as default:

At the point when you are attempting to print something, your PC will naturally assign these printing tasks to the default printer except if you pick another deliberately. If you want to know more about Why does hp printer go offline so, you need to visit the given link.

On the off chance that you need to set your HP printer as default, it would be ideal if you follow the means beneath.

a) Press Window logo key and R key on your console simultaneously to open Run discourse. In this discourse, type “control” and hit Enter. 

b) In the Control panel, select Gadgets and Printers.

c) In the Printers segment, right snap on your HP printer and afterward select Set as default printer. Snap yes whenever incited. 

d) There is currently a tick underneath the symbol of your HP printer. That implies it is currently set as a da default printer. 

3) Cancel all print jobs:

Another conceivable reason for your HP printer not printing issue is the stuck print line. You can clear all print jobs to get your HP printer back to typical. 

a) Open devices and printers in the Control panel.  

b) Right snap on your HP printer in the Printers area and select See what’s printing. 

c) Open the printer menu and afterward select Open As Director. 

d) Open the Printer menu once more. This time select Cancel All Documents.

e) Confirm your activity.

f) You have declined all the print jobs of your printer. Presently check whether it can run properly. 

4) Check printer status:

In the event that you have attempted the strategies above and your HP printer despite everything can’t print, you may need to check if there are equipment issues on your printer.

You have to confirm that your HP printer has sufficient paper, ink or toner, and it isn’t stuck on paper jam. Additionally, check the status of your printer cartridge and have a go at supplanting it with another one on the off chance that it isn’t adequate. In the event that this happens you ought to introduce the first ones back and check whether the problem resolves.


You can likewise have your printer fixed. Contact HP client care for an additional guide or get your printer overhauled or supplanted.

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