You and indoor exercise



We live in uncertain times. Preplanned things can fail, so can your going to gym planning. In one case, you do not feel like hitting the gym and following your resolution, and in another, going to gym plans fails because we can not step out of our houses because of some health emergencies.

In any case, we can always resort to something that works in any adversity. You have an option to do indoor exercise. 

If you are not well acquainted with different exercises, please do not start exercising at home in the absence of someone who knows better. Many of us have some physical injuries, ligament injuries, other issues like frozen shoulder, etc. do not try heavy exercise directly. Please do take proper care before you start working out. 

There are some easy peasy exercise ideas that you can do at home. Let us get started with them:

  • Yoga: 

Yes! Try it. If you are someone who can’t do exercise without a gym, then give this a try. Yoga cures you. Learn it if you do not know it. You have time at home. 

Please refer to an authentic source rather than learning and practicing Yoga from any random source. It can completely work against you if you do not do it properly. 

  • Crunches:

This exercise holds so many advantages. It helps reducing belly fat. It is one problem that remaining indoors for so long can be inevitable. We freely eat our favorite greasy food while locked in homes, and with no access to gyms, all the fat deposits on your stomach start appearing. If you are somebody who wants to increase muscle strength, go for it.  There are different types of crunches. If you are a beginner, start with the basics.

  • Planks: 

Who would not want to get in shape? You know, think of this home workout as an opportunity to maintain shape and give your body plenty of time. Your neck, biceps, shoulder muscles, etc. will be involved in this particular cardio and result in fat loss. It is an excellent core strength exercise.

  • Pilates: 

Are you the one who wants to get benefited the most with lesser effort? Well, pilates is the one designed for you. You can do it with a simple mat if you do not have access to the pilate apparatus. It helps you develop whole body strength. It relieves you of stress and tension. 

  • Dancing: 

Are you a dancing enthusiast? Even if you are not, nobody will know how you are moving your body in your room! So go ahead and just dance. Dance the way you like. Or if you know dancing, then practice it. It will tone your body. 

These are just the suggestions, and follow them if you find them doable. Please, do not do vigorous physical exercise on the very first day you start if you are a beginner. You will not be in a position to work out the next day. Stay healthy and stay safe!

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